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Do you feel helpless in the face of daily problems and would like to be able to really enjoy your walks as well as a complicit and pleasant life with your dog without worries?

You don't even dare to imagine a life where you would understand his worries and his reactions at first sight unpredictable and incomprehensible? Do you feel your dog is sometimes stressed and it saddens you to see him get upset or worried?

If you would like to finally have the keys to a happy and harmonious life with your dog, then "Simple tools to help your dog" is exactly what you need! You will discover how to react and what to do to calm your dog and give him the peaceful life you both deserve.

You will finally have access to simple solutions, for everyone, using a communication that the dog can naturally understand, without artifice, without lying to him. Finally be able to understand him and help him.

These tools should be known by everyone! If only more people knew about them, the dogs would be so grateful to us. They would avoid many misunderstandings, and could finally show their true potential to the world! We could avoid so many behavioral problems... and thus prevent a lot of trouble for our dog friends and their human family!

Dogs only dream of one thing: to live in harmony with us, so let's be ready to grant their wishes!

Whether you have a canine companion for the first time, have spent your whole life with dogs, or are a canine professional, this video is for everyone!
Through detailed explanations, examples and case studies illustrated by graphs and statistics on heart rate measurements, Turid Rugaas and DogFieldStudy will teach you how to better read and understand your dog and what we can concretely do to help him.

During more than 4 hours of content, you will cover the following:
- How and what equipment to choose to maximize comfort and well-being on the dog?
- The benefit of using a long leash rather than a short leash explained in detail in a study
- the bypass and the importance of our body language towards our dog
- the hand signal and the fact of interfering,
- Calm sessions that are beneficial to our dog's attitude
- The importance of preventing chronic stress and neural pathways to optimize learning and to see "bad behaviors" disappear.
- Case studies on the application of these tools: welcoming guests, dog-cat cohabitation, reactivity to other dogs in a difficult environment

Turid Rugaas is the world's leading authority on understanding dog language. You may have already heard about the signals of appeasement in the dog? She is responsible for the great breakthrough in the canine field that has allowed millions of dogs to regain a harmonious relationship with humans who could finally understand their signals. With more than 50 years of experience, she has succeeded in making people discover another vision of the dog, one based on their true nature. She was even awarded the equivalent of the Legion of Honor by the King of Norway, HM Harald V for her contributions over the years in the field of dog behavior.

DogFieldStudy studies canine behavior and has presented their studies internationally (Taiwan, USA, Czech Republic, Norway, Austria, Italy, Belgium, France). These studies have confirmed the observations made by Turid Rugaas for a long time. Thanks to their scientific approach, they allow us today to see the benefits of the tools presented in this video in a factual and data-based way.

His knowledge is now accessible from your living room, or your cell phone, so don't wait any longer. You will be able to achieve the serenity that you and your dog deserve !

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